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Most Popular Friendship Day SMS 2018 And Friendship Day Messeages In Hindi With For Best Friends

Most Popular Friendship Day SMS 2018 And Friendship Day Messages In Hindi With For Best Friends:-Hello my dear friends welcome again on my blog.thing my friends you are searching on internet SMS ?..Don't worry friends we are today specially provided to you Friendship Day SMS And Messages 2018.I hope you will be enjoyed this post now we are already published here Friendship Day Status Facebook.i thing you will be fully enjoyed this post lets first know about Friendship Day 2018.

Friendship Day 2018 :- Friendship in the both good and necessary.human cannot live alone.he is a social being.he need some one to share with our joys and sorrows.generally,it is only the people of the same age,character and mentality every thing...

Happy Friendship Day SMS  And Messages :- 

Most Popular Friendship Day SMS 2017 And Friendship Day SMS In Hindi With For Best Friends
Friendship Day SMS in Hindi

All SMS are most selected by our team for our daily and lovely users,visitors and friends.we are always stand here for specially my dear friends.so we are this time to collected Friendship Day Images,pic,photos,wallpapers,status,gift,gif every collection about this day we are submitted here this blog so please visit and share with friends on Facebook,whatsapp Every open social media thank you Friends.

Happy Friendship Day SMS In Hindi :-

 -.+" " I " "+.-
_ ". wish ."
My all Sweet friends

loveable number= 143
loveable symble= ROSE
loveable place =TAJMAHAL
loveable day= 14 FEB
loveable organ=HEART
loveable friend=its U

I Wish U A Very

!"!__!"! APPY
!"!__!"! APPY
!"!__!"! APPY

Friendship day

<)) ((>
_//_ _//_

Ye Dosti hum nahi todenge...
koi hamari dosti ko todna chaye to saale ko
mill kar fodenge.. ha ha

Friendship day sms in Hindi
Kahi Andhera to Kahi Sham Hogi,
Meri Har Khu$hi Tere Naam Hogi,
Kuch Mang k to Dekh Humse Dost,
Hothon pe Hasi aur Hatheli pe 'JAAN' Hogi.
('.')' '('.')
/( )\/{ }\

Friendship day sms in Hindi 2015
Pani na ho to nadiya kis kam ki,
aansu na ho to ankhiya kis kam ki,
dil na ho to dhadkan kis kam ki
agar mai aapko yad na karu to hamari dosti kis kam ki.

-~*´¨¯¨`*·~- Happy Friendship Day -~*´¨¯¨`*·~-

Most Popular Friendship Day SMS 2017 And Friendship Day SMS In Hindi With For Best Friends
Friendship Day SMS with image

[____________] is box me kuch aisa likho jo hme jindgi bhr yad rhe. Apne sare frnds ko bhejo aur dekho wo apke liye kya likhte hai. Bt reply me 1st

 Friends may not meet
Friends may scatter
But if hearts are loyal
Distance never matter

If i die & go 2 heaven & GOD asks me whats my last wish
I 'll pause 4 a while 2 look 4 U & wen I see U crying I would say
God give me a minute 2 hug my Friend

-:: Friendship day sms in Hindi ::-
KaBhi WAQT ki MaJBooRI BaNKaR ReH JaTi Hai,
Ye Dosti WO WATER Hai,

Making friend is a gift having a friend is grace.
keeping friendis a virtue, but to be a friend is a privilege honor

D heart does not 4get those special people 4 whom it cares though daily struggle of life puts us a bit apart u r remembered always by this HEART AS A SWEET FRIEND

 .@@, ,@@.
@ Friends @
..@. Day .@
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY To My all group friends...


Trin Trin
Paper Paper
Head Lines :

When I was walking alone,
I wished that i can reach the end of the road..
But when u r walking with me,
I wish the road never ends.

Friendship is not a word,
not meerly a relationship,
it is a silent promise which says-
"I was"
"I am"&
"I will b" a headache 4 u 4ever & ever
Most Popular Friendship Day SMS 2017 And Friendship Day SMS In Hindi With For Best Friends
Friendship Day SMS


Its a package of Wonderful feelings
Nobody can Make it
Nobody can Delete it
Nobody can Explain it
Only “WE”can “FEEL” it*
Happy Friendship Day

riendship like a Google
You can search anything.
Friendship like Ask.com
u can ask anything.
Friendship like Facebook
any one like ur Profile.
Friendship like a Twitter
any one follow u...and etc
Happy Friendship Day ................. sms

Uff Ye Haseen Mousam Ye Hawayein,
Ye Barish Ke Katre..!!
Lagta Hai Mohabbat Ne Aaj,
Kisi K Sath Wafaa K

जिनके वजह से मैं आज बिगड़ा हूँ..,

आज उन्ही कमबख़्तो का दिन है...!!

Happy Friendship Day

Aasman se utari hai,
taro se sajai hai,
chand ki chandni se nehlai hai.
Mere DOST sambhal kar rakhna ye DOSTI,
ye meri jindagi bhar ki kamai ha na

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