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Happy Hijri (Islamic) New Year Poems 2018 || Islamic New Year Wishes Poetry

Happy hijri New Year poems 2016 Islamic New Year Wishes poetry

 Happy hijri new year porms 2018: hello there and welcome to the islamic new year wishes poetry post. We already shared islamic new year quotes 2018 and islamic new year wishes sms 2018. If you like to see al hijra awesome greeting card, then go to happy islamic new year greetings card 2018.

Islamic New Year is the very best and holly day for Muslim people. And it is the holiday of the world.  21 september 2018 is the date of islamic new year.  Muharram is the first month of islamic new year. Muharam is the day of remember sahadat in karbala.

Happy hijri new year poems 2018

Start your new year with best wishes. Here you can find, awesome islamic new year poetry 2018. if you have a facebook and whatsapp account, then you can use islamic new year wishes poems for facebook as a status. And happy islamic new year beautiful poetry for whatsapp. You can also wish islamic new year poems for wife and happy hijri new year poetry 2018 for Friends.

You can use these poems at all. These are the great collection of islamic new year poems. Impress your friends,family and relatives by these amazing hijri new year poetry.

Islamic New Year wishes poetry-

The first of Muharram has arrived
Another year we have survived
This year we strive to do so much better
Practice our Deen down to the letter
Complete all our salaat on time
Do many good deeds in our prime
Give zakat without hesitation
Of the Holy Quran make frequent recitation
Treat all we come across with kindness
Constantly ask for forgiveness
Muharram Mubarak to you
May all your dua’s come true

We Do Not Celebrate The Happy New Year It Is Islamic
To Wish Some One A Happy New Year
Because All Greetings R Islamic Until
We Have a Proof To Prohibit One...!!!

Writer: Muhammad Amjad....!!!

Glory Be To Allah & Praise Be To Him In
The Expanse Of His Maketion As Much As
He Plese As Much As The Weight Of His Throne and As Much As
The Inke It Would Take To Record All His Words...!!!

Writer: Nasir Ali...!!!

Yaa RABB, Bless U From Your Bounties.
And Make The Coming Year.
A Source Of Peace, Happiness And Success.
In Both Worlds For All The Muslims Throughoutthe Globe.
Happy New Islamic Year 1435 Hijri...!!!

May GOD Creat This year Full Of Hapiiness
Joy Goodnes And Security Of All  Muslims Members
And Forgive Our Past Sinc...!!!
Remember The Muslims Who are In Hardships
In You Are Prayers...!!!

Oh ALLAH Guide Us Unite Us Reduce
The Suffering & Hardship Of Every Muslim
Oh ALLAH Give Us Knowledge and Wisdom
Give Us Strength and Character
Oh ALLAH Forgive Our Sins,
And Save Us From Torture Of Grave and Fire Of Hell
Oh ALLAH Creat Us Obedient To Your Commands And
The Sunnah Of Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Guide.
Ummah To Success In This World and In The Hereafter...!!!

Happy Islamic New Year 1435 Hijri...!!!

Happy Islamic New year 1435 wishes Greetings
As Year 1434 is gonna be an End
And We’ll Enter in New Year
With New Hopes and Plans
Let‘s Pray to Allah for
A Blessed and Wonderful
New Year with Peace and
All our Dreams Come True
Happy New Islamic Year 1435

Wishing you & your family…
New Year full of
peace, happiness and abundance of all…
May Allah bless you throughout the new year …

Happy hijri New Year poems 2018-Islamic New Year Wishes poetry-(Conclusion)

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