Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Happy Friendship Day 2018 | How To Celebrate Happy Friends Day [What Is Friendship day]

Hey friends!  Thank you for your support. After eid, I am back to here again. Glad to say big thanks. Sunday 6 august is the happy friendship day 2018. and I hope you are ready to enjoy this friendship day. So here I want to show you, how to celebrate happy friends day.

happy friendship day 2016
happy friends day

I know every person should have a good friend. If you have a friend, you can share your personal thoughts with them and also personal feelings. Which do not understand other people, Like father, mother, brother and sister, but you can share with your friends. So friends are the biggest gift of god.

Friends understand your feelings because friends have a same age and situation like you. Your friends have a same situation like you.

Happy friendship day 2018 celebration

So before you read our friends day celebration 2018, I want to share something my own experience of previous celebration and some information about friends day. 
i was received 27+ friendship day gifts in last friendship day. so this is the glad moment for me.

In India now also available official holiday on friendship day. So I was planned to go for picnic. And I was done it. And it is happiest moment for me. I will share some picnic photographs of our upcoming posts.

if you want to get more and more gifts, take lots of ribbons and give all of your friends. And also wish friendship day to all people who related to you. I am sure you can achieve %60 back friends day gifts.

Give gift to other so they take a gift for you.  And remember this is not a valentine day. Many people proposed on this day. And this is bad habit. Please Try to avoid this habit.

Happy friends day 2018 celebration and history

So friends above you learned about friendship day bad habits and celebration tips. If you have any other question, you can suggest me so I will cover that in my other article.

Friendship day is a festival for youngest peoples. But also elder peoples enjoy this moment. Happy friendship day 2018 is the upcoming biggest festival of the year because it is a international festival. Do not misuse of this festival. It is for close friends.

Enjoy every moment because who cares for tomorrow and who see tomorrow. Everyone Don’t know about future. So enjoy friends day 2018 joyfully.best wishes by wishyouhappyday team.

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