Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How To Celebrate Eid 2017 | Best Preparation And Tips For Ramazan Eid 2017

Eid is a very special day for all Muslims.  26, june 2017 is the day of eid ul fitr. Today I want to share with you how to celebrate eid 2017 best preparation and tips for eid al fitr 2017. So before I start, I want to share something previous memory below.

How to celebrate eid 2016 | best preparation and tips for bakri eid
best preparation and tips for eid 2017

Wishyouhappyday provided you best information for eid ul fitr. And posted lots of information about eid day 2017. I shared with you eid -ul fitr quotes, sms, messages, greetings, poems(poetry),hd wallpaper, cliparts, cards and sayings. So these all are the memories of eid in wishyouhappyday blog. and I will miss this moment. I will don’t forget it.
So now I am ready to share with you how to celebrate eid 2017 best preparation and tips for  eid.  Follow below tips for celebrate eid ul fitr. And enjoy every moment of the eid day. And also don’t forget to pray for me and all over people of the world. Pray for all. And always stay happy.

How to celebrate eid 2017 best preparation and tips for eid al fitr

     First step would wake up early in the morning. And go for pray fazr namaz,          After complete fazr pray (namaz). Say your wife to Made some sweets and goat meat for eat after khudbah.
eid ul fitr preparation
     Now go to masjid and complete khudbah namaz. After complete khudbah namaz hug each other and every people and forget Hostility because in islam hostility is not allowed.
       Now first go to your house and give a fatiya-h-khwani. And after fatiyah-khwani you can eat some sweets.
      Now go to meet your friends and family in their houses. Take some gifts as a eidy. And give some money to poor peoples And also your children and your friend’s children.

eid al fitr preparation 

         Do not go to cinemas and other entertainment places because it is a totally waste of time and waste of money and give this money to poor peoples. So this is the true eid celebration. As  a Islamic rule without important work you can’t use money. Don’t waste money because it is strictly prohibited in islam. use your money to right way.
      You can go to garden for take enjoyment through atmosphere. Also invite your friends.

So friends I told you how to celebrate eid 2017 best preparation and tips for ramadan eid. If you have more tips and preparation with new ideas, provide us below through your most important comment.

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